About Us

Easy Service Logistic is cooperated in year 2015.
As a local and international class provider innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions. Easy Service Logistic has extensive network working in Asia and Europe.
Easy Service Logistic managed with professional management team has more than 06 years of existence covering major logistic service.


Our team is come from difference specialist background in customs, cargo, forwarder, and transporter. We have very strong connection with customs, air & sea port authority, Airline and shipping line and are able to handle any cargo movement smoothly and efficiently to meet the requirements of our clients/agents.

We offer regular import/export and freight service to or from almost any country at cost effective price with maximum speed. We are confident of the future and we remain committed to provide the best value customers. We also believe that our customers are the most important part of our business and we are working with clients as partners believing that their service means our services.


Our Vision

Global agent of customs clearance, forwarding and transportation.


Our Mission

To provide easy service with fast, trust, and safety, we care our clients.